When you find yourself asking how you will provide for yourself and your family, we are here so you don’t have to face these challenging times alone. Few know that a portion of the taxes withheld from their pay go to cover the cost of an insurance policy, called Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB or SSDI), designed to protect you in just such a situation. The VA also has a number of programs for those who have served.

However, getting approved for benefits through the Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration can be very difficult and time-consuming. Countless clients are left with no income and no healthcare during the application process. Ludlum & King, LLC has generated a list of utility, housing, and food resources in the hopes of assisting you during this challenging time.

Please review the document below should you need more information about the resources that may be available to you. We strive to keep the list up to date, so check back periodically.

Indigent Resources

Impairment Journals

Social Security Forms

Disability Report – Adult
Disability Report – Child

Work History Report
Function Report – Adult
Function Report – Child Ages 3-6
Function Report – Child Ages 6-12
Function Report – Child Ages 12-18
Function Report – Third Party